Meet Our Bases

Water resistant canvas-
300gsm 100% polyester 58” fabric width
Water repellant coated. Due to not being laminated it is not waterproof by definition, but I have yet to see any liquid pass through this base. Great for bags and outdoor needs. Can be interfaced without issue.
Water resistant canvas
Waterproof canvas- 
250gsm 100% polyester 60” fabric width
Laminated backside with a sturdy structure. Great for bags and can be used in most cases in place of vinyl. Can be interfaced without issue.
Waterproof Canvas
Double minky-
320gsm 100% polyester 62” fabric width.
This base does not have stretch. Smooth silky nap on print side with a luscious longer nap on the backside makes this the perfect base for blankets, festival covers, pajamas, etc. Thick and warm! 
Double Minky
340gsm 100% polyester 56” fabric width
This base has a smooth waterproof hardshell print side with a thick flannel backside giving it a soft padded feel. Can be used for coats, beach/picnic blankets, diapers, dry mats, etc. 
330 gsm 97% polyester 3% spandex 62” fabric width
Soft and amazingly versatile base. Squish has an amazing amount of stretch and warmth making it the perfect base for clothing or blankets. 
 Double brushed poly-
270gsm 95% polyester 5% spandex 62” fabric width
Heavier weight apparel base that has the perfect amount of brushing. Our DBP is not slick or silky feeling, it is truly the definition of what DBP should be. Both sides are brushed giving a soft buttery feel that you won't want to stop touching.
double brushed polyester
French terry-
260gsm 96% polyester 4% spandex 62” fabric width
Prints like an absolute dream and is unbelievable soft. This is the perfect base for all ages apparel but kids especially due to its soft feel.
French Terry
250gsm 97% polyester 3% spandex 62” fabric width
Single sided minky with a knit backside. Perfect amount of 4 way stretch with a nice thick feel. 
210gsm 82% recycled polyester 18% spandex 60” fabric width
UV protection
Silky smooth and so soft. I didn't realize that a swim base could feel soft until I met our swim! Perfect amount of compression without the scratchy spandex feel.
Twill peach skin board short- 
170gsm 88% polyester 12% spandex 60” fabric width
Water resistant with the perfect amount of 4 way stretch. 
Twill board short
230gsm 83% recycled polyester 17% spandex 60” fabric width
The recycled content in this base creates a smooth soft print surface with a brushed backside that feels amazing against the skin. Higher spandex content makes this the perfect base for yoga apparel providing compression in all the right places. Breathable and moisture wicking.Athletic Knit
Could be CL PL- 
200gsm 89% recycled polyester 11% spandex 62” fabric width
Someone once asked me what kind of magic they put in this base because it's just that, magic! If you've ever felt a lighter weight cotton with high quality spandex that's what this reminds me of. The high-quality spandex used in this base gives a silky soft like feel that will make you ask yourself, how have I lived without it? Breathable and moisture wicking.
Like CL PL
Interlock warp knit- 
270gsm 78% polyester 22% spandex 60” width of fabric
Warp knit has a smooth lightly brushed print side with a brushed soft on the skin backside. Another amazing yoga legging, sports under garment base. All of our atheltic/yoga fabrics are top quality bases. The only real difference between them is the compression. Breathable and moisture wicking. Interlock Athletic
Spun warp knit- 
280gsm 88% recycled polyester 12% spandex 62” width of fabric
Recycled spun polyester with high quality spandex gives this base an extra smooth and soft feel. The warp knit technique and higher spandex content gives you the perfect amount of compression for your everyday athletic apparel needs. Brushed backside, breathable and moisture wicking.
Spun warp knit athletic
Holographic athletic- 
260gsm 88% polyester 12% spandex 60” width of fabric
Holographic overlay is a pearlescent rainbow ombre that prints fabulously. This base does not have the silver holo that is commonly seen that changes the look of the print. Versatile base that can be used for athletic apparel or swim. Moisture wicking.
Holographic athletic
Rib knit- 
200gsm 96% polyester 4% spandex 60” width of fabric
Standard 8x3 rib knit. Prints like a dream and is insanely soft.
Rib Knit
300gsm 97% polyester 3% spandex 62” fabric width
If DBP and squish had a baby, darlon would be that baby. Perfect for pajamas and warm clothing!
Darlon knit
190gsm 90% polyester 10% rayon 61” fabric width
Distressed does not print as vibrant as full synthetic bases due to the small Rayon content. Solid backside, top layer is distressed. Perfect apparel base. Ideas for this base include jeggings and tops. 
190gsm 95% polyester 5% spandex 60” fabric width
Slinky, light weight, perfect for maxis and heavy drap patterns. This base in thin compared to most others that we carry. It also has a tendency to snag easily. 
Poly cotton poplin- 
110gsm 80% polyester 20% cotton 58” fabric width
Due to the cotton content this base does not print as vibrant as 100% synthetic bases. Light weight linen like base that can be used on any item that calls for a woven base. Creases as if it was cotton. 
Poly Cotton Poplin
Power mesh- 
70gsm 80% polyester 20% spandex 60” fabric width
High compression, apparel power mesh.
Power Mesh
Standard heavy weight poplin-
150gsm 100% polyester 58” fabric width
Base is best used for totes, table clothes and shower curtains. You can use this for any woven needs but I would avoid using it for clothing. It does not have the softest feel but is a great cost affective option for your woven decor needs.
Standard Poplin
270 gsm 100% suede 56” fabric width
Thick heavy weight suede can be used in place of vinyl. Prints slightly lighter than other synthetic bases. Sturdy base that has a woven satin like backside while remaining pliable and versatile.
220gsm 100% polyester 56” fabric width
Amazing versatile woven. Has just enough stretch that it can be used for most apparel patterns. Has a woven cotton look and feel. Can be interfaced to meet your woven bag needs. Prints beautifully vibrant.Poly Twill
Peach skin (woven)-
180gsm 100% polyester 58” fabric width
Standard board short peach skin. No stretch with a silky like feel. Can be used for tags but raw edges require heat sealing. 
Peach skin
210gsm 96% polyester 4% spandex 58” fabric width
Perfect for lightweight sweaters, swim covers, rompers and any other breathable apparel.
Hacci sweater
Steam velour- 
240gsm 100% polyester 62” fabric width
2 way stretch. Much like a short nap minky and is sometimes referred to as velvet. Can be used for stuffies. Prints on either side.
Steam Velour
Brushed dty (lightweight double brushed poly)- 
180gsm 95% polyester 5% spandex 62” fabric width
Exactly like our double brushed poly just a lighter GSM. Not slinky, brushed and buttery soft!
Lightweight double brushed poly
UV micro fiber- 
235gsm 89% poly 11% spandex 60” fabric width
Perfect base for those looking for fishing, swim or sports coverage without a slinky or brushed feel. UV protective, breathable and moisture wicking. 
UV micro fiber
Luxe poplin- 
230gsm 100% poly 58” fabric width
Closest thing to woven cotton canvas that you will find! No stretch. If needed, it can be interfaced to meet all your woven and vinyl needs.
Reversible satin-
125gsm 100% poly 59” fabric width
Feels and looks exactly like textured authentic silk. Can be printed on dull or shiny side.
Reversible silk
Monaco stretch satin- 
180gsm 100% poly 57” fabric width
Very soft silky feel on the print surface, backside has a linen feel. Horizontal stretch. If you're looking for a high-quality satin base that isn't extremely fragile, this is it!
Monaco satin
Dull/shine silky satin-
85gsm 97% poly 3% spandex 58” fabric width
Silky soft, lightweight with great drape. Thinner base that has very little stretch. Perfect for anything from bag liner to elegant attire.
230gsm 96% poly 4% spandex 57” fabric width
I wasn't fond of techno until I found this! Great thickness without being too thick or too thin. No shine or plastic or plastic feel. Great base for scrunchies, headbands, pencil skirts, patches, etc.
Sweatshirt fleece-
305gsm 100% poly 58” fabric width
Very light stretch. No shine or plastic feel. Print side has a lightly brushed soft feel and will have you questioning if it's actually a cotton blend.
Sweatshirt fleece
Sherpa finished blankets-
500gsm-2 layer bonded (front side micro minky, backside thick black sherpa)
Sherpa Custom Blankets
Double minky finished blankets-
300gsm-single layer (double sided luxe flannel minky)
Double minky custom blankets

Do Or Dye productions are made in the USA!